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Phoenix Dye Ink 100 Ml
Phoenix Dye Ink 100 Ml
Phoenix Dye Ink 100 Ml
Phoenix Dye Ink 100 Ml
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Sell Phoenix Dye Ink 100 Ml

This company is free member. For free member, we do not verify telephone number and address, so be careful in doing transaction. The safest way in transaction are:

  • Verify the address firstly
  • Do not send money before receive the order
  • Send money only to the bank account of company (CV or PT)
  • Avoid to send money to private bank account

Specification of Phoenix Dye Ink 100 Ml

Phoenix Dye Ink is a premium Ink from Wahana Data Computer. This ink can be used for any printer brand, like epson, canon, hp, etc, because our ink is water based, so it will not cause deadlock on the head of the printer, although not used for long periods of time. It is advisable for you because the ink is very fast to dry on paper, and it's so efficient.

excellent ink, exp in 5 years, anti clogging, dry on paper only

NOTE : Attach Colors to be ordered

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